30 January 2009

All settled!

I am now moved into my permanent home here at the Villa. I'm in the attic and I have 4 girls that will be living with me. I am the dorm steward - AAAH!

Other than that I am working housekeeping with Ines. We'll be in charge of making sure all the scheduling and cleaning is done correctly. I am also one of Dave's TA's.

If anyone wants to mail me something my mailing address is:

Stephanie Amersek
c/o Calvary Chapel Bibelschule
Eiserfelder Strasse 275
57080 Siegen

Two of my four girls have arrived so far, but I will have to check the schedule to see when the other two are coming.
That's about all for now.

25 January 2009

Not yet settled

The pastor's conference was this past week. That means when I arrived on Thursday everyone was still immersed in serving the pastors. AWESOME!
That also means that I don't know where I am going to stay this semester. I am living with Nick and Jessie as well as Annie in the top apartment. I'm moving into my permanent home hopefully on Monday or Tuesday. I really want to move in. I am still living out of a suitcase and I just want to unpack and get settled.
Other than that I'm doing well! I am trying to catch up on the One Year Bible because I neglected it for the year to date. I'm up to about the 15th. Most likely this afternoon I'll get all caught up. We'll see ;)
I am very much looking forward to the students getting here next weekend.
There isn't much else going on at the moment so...I guess I'll update more later.

20 January 2009

Leaving for Germany

Right now I am sitting at my boyfriend's house just spending a lot of time with him before I leave. Tomorrow I fly to Germany for 11 months. I will be interning at the Bibelschule. I am still bittersweet about it. I know God has so much in store for me for this year and once I get to Germany I will be fine. But I'm going to miss Jeremy.

I hope to be a little more diligent in bloging once I get there - more time on my hands.

We'll see.

Talk to y'all once I'm on the other side of the pond ;)